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How to Make School Bag Lighter: 8 Easy Ways to Follow

Backpacks are a useful part of our school life but there was a time when there were no backpacks or satchels.

Kids back in the 30s used leather straps that held their books together when they go to school. Later in the 40s, in that decade we start to see rad plaids and the modern backpack silhouette. Then in the 50’s the satchel became very popular and is described as “the bag of choice for 1950s children.” School bag satchels are common in the UK, Australia, Western Europe and Japan (called randoseru).

Backpacks are essential to school kids. However, kids these days are suffering from back pain, poor posture and spinal issues! It is easy to overload a school bag, especially with those heavy textbooks and school supplies – notebooks, papers, pencils and etc. An overloaded bag can lead to discomfort, fatigue and even injury. You need to lighten the load of your child’s backpack or he might end growing up with bad posture and backaches for life.

Here we gather 8 ways to help you make your child’s school bag lighter:

  1. Pack up only what is essential.
    Teach your kids to follow their class timetable and carry only the books required for the day as per the class schedule. Clear the bag alternately to remove any excess worksheets, notices or other miscellaneous items that are not required for the next day.
  2. Leave books and stationaries at School.
    Many schools have lockers these days or classrooms with storage facilities for students to keep books and accessories. This is a good step being taken by schools as it prevents the children from lugging around heavy load of everyday essentials. You can suggest this to your child’s school if they don’t have this option.You can have 2 sets of stationaries, one at school and the other at home where your child will get to use it whenever they need without carrying them to and fro.
  3. Distribute weight evenly.
    To distribute the weight of the bag better, make sure your child uses both straps – even the waist strap it the bag has it. Don’t use backpacks with one strap or messenger bags even though your child may think it looks cooler; this can lead to back and shoulder problems.
  4. Choose and Ergonomic Bag.
    When buying a school bag for your child, prioritize ergonomics over looks. A bag with a broad, firm base, which narrows as it goes upwards and has broad, padded shoulder straps evenly distributes weight on the shoulders and back while carrying it. It is also good to pick a bag that has compartments, however too many pockets can make the bag to bulky to carry.
  5. Maintaining a good posture while carrying the bag.
    If your kid is leaning forward and his/her shoulders are rounded while carrying the bag, that is a sign the bag is either too heavy or has been packed in an unorganized way. To ensure that you avoid this problem, encourage your child to keep the spine straight and shoulders squared while carrying the school bag. Also pack the backpack correctly and organized.
  6. Put the backpack down.
    You can tell you child to put the bag down whenever they can, for example; while waiting at the bus stop, traveling by school bus, etc.
  7. Smartly pack your bag.
    Teach your children to pack their bag smartly, with heavy books at the bottom and lighter books and accessories on top. Use ziplocks instead of the bulky tin lunchboxes, and always clear any clutter. 
  8. Get a School bag with wheels!
    They are actually luggage bag with wheels made for the school children. This is an old invention (Invented in 1970) initially for the commercial pilots and flight flight attendants as they always have to carry heavy items on their back. Now it took almost 30 years to use it for the children.


Packing a school bag is all about planning and educating your child to take care of themselves when parents are not around. Please be sure to take care of small details like these in your child’s life to make his/her school days happy and enriching.

Over to you, do you have other ways that’s not listed above to make your child’s school bag lighter? Do share with us in the comment below.

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