How to Sell Designer Handbags Online

Some women love to invest for a good designer handbag. They’re a well spent fashion investment. But trends and style comes and goes, it can be disappointing to see these expensive handbags sitting in the closet unused. Instead of letting that fine and perfectly stylish piece go to waste, sell it to someone who will love and treasure it like it’s brand new. Here is how you can sell designer bags online:


Find and Choose your Bag Vendor

This is probably the most obvious and common method of selling designer bags online is through some online marketplace, like eBay for example. The plus side of eBay is that it is a very well known site with many potential buyers. The downside of eBay is that it is quite broad with many different products being sold, which means it will be hard to try selling the more top end brands. There is also significant competition on eBay.

Do some research to see what other people are selling in eBay and get a gauge on whether t your handbags will do well and figure what price you can set for your item. If eBay is not for you, then there are other legit sites or a bag vendor specialty sites where you can sell your designer bags.

Poshmark  – It takes a few seconds to set list your item in the Poshmark App and after which all you have to do is wait for it to sell.

ReBag  – It’s a new platform that simplifies the selling process by setting the selling price for you. The slight drawback is having to wait for a quote is mitigated by the fact that you’re guaranteed to get a fair price from this site.

Tradesy  – It’s an excellent online marketplace and app to sell your designer handbags. Why? Because it is 100% free to list your item here. There is no limit on how many items you want to sell. You get to choose your own prices and your listing remains active as long as it takes your bag to sell.

There are also others like, and others. Do your research and find the site that is best suited to sell your old treasures

Take Awesome Photos

Don’t underestimate the power of an awesome photo. Good photos, especially instagramable photos, are one of the best ways to make sure your bags sells. People need to see the condition of the item you’re selling. When they can’t see it then they’re less likely to buy it. Take photos in natural light. Include closeups of flaws or scuff marks on the bag. Be creative in your photos. Fill your bag with accessories or use other props like flowers or put it on a pretty window with a good view. Let your creativity flow when taking the photos.

Do a competitive price analysis

This is a top priority if you want to start selling. Research and find out what your target buyers are willing to pay for your items. The information may not be easy to access but just in case it isn’t – look at what similar brands and sizes with the same condition are going for. If your handbag is in great or excellent condition, take the original price and mark it down between maybe 5-15% per year. If the handbag has some marks or scratches and some obvious wear and tears that are hard to fix, mark the price down around 30-50%.

Write a Review and Make Adjustments Accordingly

Let’s face the harsh reality of the bag selling world. Your bags may or may not sell right away. If the item doesn’t sell then try bringing the price down but do it wisely. Rebagg won’t let you do that though but other vendors will, so be a bit realistic about the value of your item. Keep tab on the bag every couple of weeks and reduce the price in small amounts until it sells. But if you’re in a rush to sell the bag by all means slash the price as low as you’re willing to go.

We hope this article is informative for you. If you have some additional tips to share, do leave them in the comments below. We love to hear from you!

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